Standard Timeline Edit

The timeline of the Dieselwings universe closely follows our real life timeline up until 1941, when a very dramatic event tips the scales of World War Two, prolonging the war long enough to dissolve civilization as we know it.

Dieselwings Timeline Edit

1940 Edit

22 June Edit

German occupation of France begins.

1941 Edit

23 April Edit

Prime Minister Winston Churchill murdered in an armed attack by French anarchists emigrated from their now occupied homeland. The attack is conducted in a manner that indicates it was orchestrated by the Soviet politburo. Whether true or not, the trail of evidence runs cold long before any conspiracies can be uncovered.

Britain severes it's alliance with russia, withdrawing support from the eastern front.

22 June Edit

Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of Russia, begins.

7 December Edit

The Japanese airforce conducts a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The United States of America officially joins the war effort.

1942 Edit

23 August Edit

The German 6th army, supported by the 4th panzer army begin their assault on southern Russia. The Battle of Stalingrad begins.

1943 Edit

28 January Edit

Weakened by the loss of British support, especially vehicles, the Red Army fails in it's counter-offensive, easily overwhelmed by the Wehrmacht's vastily superior numbers.

2 February Edit

The German invasion of the Caucasus begins unimpeded.



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