Post-War Period Edit

The post-war period is a loosely defined moment in history where the culture and history of human civilization was mostly destroyed and forgotten, it's past glories scattered to the wind. This is a result of a 200 year long war starting in 1939 and never truly ending. Most historians (the few that remain in the world, that is), define this period as starting somewhere around 2139.

In the 200 years of the World-End War, the old countries of europe (and the world at large) dissolved into hundreds of small principalities, republiquettes, dictatorships and would-be empires in a flurry of secessions, revolutions, violent coup d'etats and civil wars until the original heritage of civilization was dilluted, forgotten and faded.

Barely any records of the old world remain in this period, and those few that remain are either extremely valuable or worthy only of bonfire fodder, depending on whom you offer them to.

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