The Sons of Lune are a post-war civilization settled in and around the region formerly known as Dubendörf, Switzerland. They are obsessed with machines and in special rockets, having created a mythology surrounding a mural found at the Dubendörf aerospace museum depicting a "what if" scenario of a manned moon landing. They hold the religious belief that Men ascended to the moon where they became immortal gods, leaving the unworthy behind to writhe in filth and war.

As a result of these cultural factors, they seek old-world blueprints, machines, engines and rocket parts in order to restore the (unbeknownst to them) scaled-down replica V-9/V-10 rocket stack found in the Dubendörf museum, which is the epicenter of their domain. Due to their reclusive nature, their territory doesn't extend much farther than what was formerly the border of Switzerland with France.

Contrary to their geographical location, they descend from the remnants of Scottish cultural groups, after having their heritage diluted by time and conflict.

Their name comes from famous motion picture Le Voyage dans la Lune, one of the few surviving reels of film to be found in the Dubendörf museum.

Their individual members are called "Luneans".

Appearance Edit

Ethnicity Edit

Mostly caucasian, however some of south-asian complexity can be found among their communities. Although their precise ethnic heritage is lost to time, it can be traced to the british isles before the World-End War, with contact with other ethnic groups along the way influencing their makeup.

Defects Edit

As a result of the highly toxic enviroment of their cities, often located underground or indoors where the fumes of their mechanical labor can accumulate easily, their children are mostly born with deformities or illness. They have failed to associate toxic fumes to these maladies, however. As a result, most don't live very long, with one being old enough to become a Sage at 25 years old.

Toxic organic composites as well as heavy metals are common in the atmosphere of their cities. They also mostly possess elongated finger joints, a fact which is believed to have influenced their custom of painting their hands.

Culture Edit

Hierarchy Edit

Sages Edit

The sages are essentially the oldest, wisest members of the Sons of Lune. After a lifetime of training in the operation, repair and construction of machines, they now oversee scavenging operations, contract work done for other tribes and factions in the Old Battlegrounds and manage the life of the Lunean communities. The mark of a sage is painting the inside of their hands (palms and fingers) with silver-colored spray paints, denoting their rank. This led them to be coloquially referred to by strangers as "silverfingers".

Copperhands Edit

The Copperhands are essentially the factory floor workers of the Lunean communities, directly under command of the Sages. They realize the construction and repair of machines, as well as contract work for other groups. Their name stems from their habit of painting their hands in copper. This is not necessarily a social norm, rather than their attempt to demonstrate respect to the Sages by immitating them with a "lesser" metal.

Crawlers Edit

The crawlers are the Lunean members who "crawl" through the Battlegrounds in search of technology, as well as carrying messages to and from other communities.


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